Episode 15

Mission-Driven and Humble Leadership with Jim Ramos

Jim Ramos is the founder of Men in the Arena, a Christian nonprofit organization with an international reach that seeks to help men become the best version of themselves because “when a man gets it, everybody wins.” He has written nine books on the topic of manhood, including The Man Card: 5 Characteristics Separating Men from Boys. He is also the host of the Men in the Arena podcast, where he interviews experts in their chosen field or cause as it relates to men.

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Josh Friedeman

Josh wants to help you LIVE and LEAD well.

From interviewing leaders and other experts who help leaders, to coaching leaders and entrepreneurs, to staying on the front lines of leadership research through his PhD work in organizational leadership, Josh likes to live and breathe all things leadership.

Sure, there's more to life than leadership - until, that is, you start seeing life AS leadership (*Freeze frame, roll credits*).