Episode 21

Discussion: Catalysts for Lasting Change

Josh, Caleb, and Maria talk about Monday's interview with Cherie Lowe, "The Queen of Free." Their discussion includes how certain moments in life act as catalysts for long-lasting and life-defining change, what goes into making those catalytic changes, and how to face the difficulties in life that you may not want to face. They also discuss how to model actions as leaders (particularly celebrations) and, in a roundabout way, how leaders can help round each other out with their unique strengths, and more. Key Takeaways: - Make hard but necessary decisions sooner rather than later. - Embrace the reality of criticism. Let it make you better. Take what's valuable, leave what's not. But don't let it kill your identity. - Find your pace and rhythm in life. - Take people's critique with a grain of salt. Value feedback from people who value you more than those who don't know you. - Have two types of people in your life: someone you look up to and someone you can encourage on their journey. - Change that thing in your life - whether finances or otherwise - by taking that next smallest step. Move forward from there!

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